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The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has created a new comprehensive opioids website.  The link
to the website is  As you know combatting the opioids crisis is a top priority for the
department.  Opioid deaths are on the rise.   In 2016, 1 in every 66 deaths in 2016 was due to an opioid or heroin
overdose.     The website contains extensive data, maps, charts, and infographics.  The opioid epidemic affects all
genders, all races, and many age groups in both rural and urban Missouri geographies.  The new website is broken
down into four categories:  
1.        Death Toll due to Opioid and Heroin Overdoses.
2.        Missouri Resident Overdose and Abuse Demographics
3.        The Impact of the Future Years of Potential Life Lost due to Overdose
4.        The Costs of Opioid Abuse

DHSS has also partnered with the MO HOPE Project ( to help provide education and

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Opioid & Drug Use